Bryce Canyon Astronomy Festival


Bryce Canyon Astronomy Festival

Bryce Canyon is known as the Night Sky Sanctuary to many. With astronomy experts leading the way join the Bryce Canyon Astronomy Festival invites all stargazers to come out for education, entertainment and the starry skies above. Read More

  • Hundreds of gazers each year
  • Free telescope use
  • A great family event

Overview: An indoor presentation by an astronomy expert, stargazing telescopes and the gorgeous night sky attract millions each year to Bryce Canyon National Park for the Astronomy Festival. No need to bring you own telescope, several are provided by the park service for your use to enjoy night sky.

When: June 13-16, 2018

Where: Bryce Canyon National Park. The majority of events are held at the Bryce Canyon Visitor Center but there are schedule events throughout the park as well.

Fees: There is a fee for the keynote speaker. But park visitors enjoy the majority of events for free. Free entry to Utah residents as well.

Details: The park service provides telescope use for free each night for star viewing. The featured speaker is held at Ruby's Inn's Ebenezer's Barn and Grill. Most events begin mid afternoon around 2 or 3 and run through midnight each night. Enjoy model rocket building, earn an astronomy badge, take a tour of the constellations and sit back and gaze at the skies above.

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