Bryce Canyon Country Rodeo in Utah


Bryce Canyon Country Rodeo

Nothing beats having some real live cowboy fun in Bryce Canyon.  The summer Bryce canyon country Rodeo not only shows you how real cowboys ride broncs, but they let you try your hand at steer and sheep riding too. Read More

  • The rodeo runs Wednesday to Saturday nights at 7 pm.
  • Ruby's Inn of Bryce Canyon sponsors the rodeo from Memorial Day weekend to the last weekend in August.
  • Kids and adults can try their hand at real rodeo riding.

Overview: Rodeo is a western tradition that still lives on in Bryce Canyon. Ruby's Inn sponsors bronco, steer and sheep riding by not only competitive riders but adults and kid members of the audience at the Bryce Canyon Country Rodeo every summer.

When: The rodeo is held Wednesday through Saturday from Memorial Day in May to the end of the August. Rodeo's gates open up at 6 and the show starts at 7pm.

Where: You will find all the action at Ruby's Inn Rodeo Grounds

Fees: Adults: $12 and Children (5-11): $8.

Details: To try your luck at real western riding, call the Ruby Inn Bryce Canyon Country Rodeo at 1-866-782-0002.

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