Escalante Utah Pioneer Days Celebration


Escalante Pioneer Days Celebration

In late July each year, Escalante, Utah hosts their annual Escalante Pioneer Day Celebration. Come to Escalante this July to celebrate the history of many pioneers, Mormon and otherwise. All of them, whether passing through or settling in, left a deep impression on the region which is celebrated on this special day. Read More

  • Celebrating the heritage of Escalante and its pioneer past
  • A late July event 
  • Find out about the first Escalante citizens and more

Overview: Escalante, Utah and surrounding areas such as the regions infamous Grand Staircase was home to many historic pioneer settlements which were established along the Fremont River. The people of Escalante celebrate their ancestors and rich history with Escalante Pioneer Day. 

When: A late July event each year

Where: Downtown Escalante

Fees: Costs may vary

Details: Information abounds about the first citizens of the city like Escalante (whom the town is named after) and Dominques, the Fransican priests who lead an expedition through the region in search of a route from New Mexico to California. The people of Escalante bask in the rich heritage of Utah each July to learn more about their own culture and history than they had known before.

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