Thunder Bike Rally, Brian Head Utah Motorcycle Gathering


Thunder Motorcycle Rally

The roar of Harley's fills the area as bikers roll into Brain Head, Utah for the annual Thunder Motorcycle Rally. From near and far hundreds of bikers come to shack up at Brian Head resort for a weekend great scenery – brews, bikes, babes and canyonland beauty. Read More

  • Two days of motorcycle riding through Brian Head with prizes and trophies
  • A mid July event each year
  • See the colorful bikes at Brian Head Resort

Overview: Colorful as a canyon sunset, nearly 200 Harley's – some more expensive than pricy sports cars – roar into Brian Head, Utah for the annual Thunder Motorcycle Rally. They live for the freedom of the road, the scenery and the way that they become one with nature while they trek around on their bikes. 

When: A mid-July event each year

Where: Brian Head Resort

Fees: Costs may vary

Details: Most come from a far and are dumbfounded by what they find in Brian Head. They can not believe the roads and settings found along the 160 some mile drive across the Markagunt Plateau, up mountainous roads, down through old lava beds, through flowering fields and by incredible features like the Cedar Breaks National Monument.

After the long ride, most of the riders gather at the Cedar Breaks Lodge on the Brian Head resort for a long night of dancing, drinking, poker playing and talking about the beauty of Utah. Take a trip down route 143 come mid July and your sure to see a Harley or two flying by.

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