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Bryce Canyon National Park is a region of wondrous rocks and so much more. Within the Park itself, the elevation can change as much as 2000 feet, allowing for changes in temperature during all times of the year. The Park enjoys four distinct seasons, with fluctuations in temperature depending on the season and the altitude.


  • Overall, the weather is highly variable with some snow possible through April.
  • March is historically the snowiest month of the year.


  • Summer days are pleasant with the normal temperature running into the high 80’s. The evening temperatures can dip to the lower 40’s.
  • July is the warmest month, with an average daytime high temperature of 83 degrees and a nighttime low of 47 degrees.
  • Expect afternoon thundershowers from mid to late summer.


  • Fall weather is variable with snow arriving as early as October.
  • The area generally experiences strong sun and temperatures during the fall, which could climb into the 70’s.


  • Winter days can be extremely cold with winter night temperatures dropping to sub-freezing.
  • Despite the cold, the high altitude sun and dry climate make visitation in the winter fun.
  • Average snowfall is 95 inches.

General Recommendations

At 8,000 to 10,000 feet, the sun can burn in any season. Be sure to come equipped with season appropriate hats and sunscreen at all times of the year. Layered clothing is also recommended due to the temperature extremes and frequent strong winds.

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