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Motorcycle Rental & Tours

There are thrilling trips around South Utah which can best be enjoyed by on or off-road motorcycle rides through the awesome scenery and challenging terrain.

  • The two best areas for motorcycling are the canyon region of Moab and the Colorado Plateau
  • Hwy 63 offers breathtaking sights for motorbike tours in Bryce Canyon National Park 
  • One of the best kept motorcycle secrets is the Kolob Road from Hwy 9 north from Virgin for breathtaking scenery


Motorbikes offer a thrilling ride through southern Utah with something for all levels of rider and all types of motorbike. Motorcycling in Bryce Canyon offers the chance to see places most visitors do not get to with plenty of thrilling rides in a range of terrain.

The two areas best known for motorcycling are around the canyon region of Moab and on the Colorado Plateau with its mesas, ravines and mountains.

Bryce Canyon Hwy 63
The breathtaking sights are best enjoyed along the scenic Hwy 12 and Hwy 63 within Bryce Canyon National Park. The best way to enjoy the route by motorbike is to run the length of the road to Rainbow Point and make all the stops on the return journey to avoid crossing oncoming traffic to see the viewpoints.

Kolob Road, Zion National Park
One of the best kept secrets is this route which runs through magnificent scenery for 20 miles each way. Take the Kolob Road from Hwy 9 north from Virgin.

Zion Canyon Road
Take Hwy 9 just east of Springdale and enter Zion National park. Continue on Hwy 9 through Zion Canyon with switchbacks and long tunnels with windows cut in the rock. Stop at the ranger shack and follow the track north on foot to the saddle of the hill above the tunnel for spectacular views, then return to the bike and continue the run out of the park enjoying the scenery.

Cedar City to Parowan
From Cedar City take Hwy 14 east and climb through gorgeous canyon scenery. After about 18 miles head north on Hwy 148 through the stunning Cedar Breaks National Monument. Go through Brian Head at 10,000 feet elevation then descend the steep road to Parowan and rejoin I-15.