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Open daily, year-round, Bryce Canyon National Park, may be small, but it makes up for it with its fantastic beauty. This National Park is an excellent choice for a family vacation. Nearly all of the Park's highlights are easily accessible and visible by taking a leisurely drive along Utah State Route 63. Along the way, there are numerous scenic overlooks and several short hiking trails – great for any age and any experience level. Read More

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Bryce Canyon National Park was designated as a National Park by the United States Congress in 1924. Since that time, it has been a favorite for all types of visitors – individuals, couples, groups and families – from all parts of the world.

Created over a period of nearly sixty million years, this fantastic National Park features a series of rock formations that rise and drop to heights and depths of nearly 1000 feet. Every member of the family will be awe struck by the rock colors ranging from pink, red, orange, shades of white, gold, cream and even occasional shades of lavender and blue. There are many formations of towering rocks resembling castles, cathedrals, chessmen and miniature cities. During the winter, white snow provides a sparkling topping to the cliffs. Children of all ages – even those among you who consider yourself to be adults – will find their imagine working overtime in this rock landscape that is so enchanting.

Some of the highlights of Bryce Canyon National Park include:

• Visitor Center: Located next to the park entrance - exhibits on local geology, biology and archaeology. Open daily during the summer.
• Main Bryce Amphitheater: Compact area with many scenic trails and outstanding sights - including Bryce Point and Boat Mesa.
• Sunset Point: Starting point for the very popular Navajo Loop trail (1.5 miles) which winds past some near formations.
• Under-The-Rim Trail: 23-mile trail that parallels the main highway, but takes you into the wild country.
• Rainbow Point: Southern tip of the park.

Two campgrounds are located within the park and staying at either one of these is a wonderful way to immerse the entire family in the wonder of this fascinating landscape.Visit in late spring or early summer to find a bright display of paintbrush, columbine, and yarrow and penstemon wildflowers.