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Agua Canyon

Agua Canyon is one of the most spectacular sights of hoodoos and geological formations which can be enjoyed from the rim of Bryce Canyon Utah.

  • The best time to see Agua Canyon's hoodoos at their most stunning is at dawn 
  • Look for some recognizable shapes in the hoodoos such as the Backpacker and the Hunter 
  • Get close to the magnificent scenery by walking the 1.5 mile trail


The famous Agua Canyon in Bryce National Park is part of the scenic drive from the main paved road which runs along the canyon rim. Opening out into a magnificent vista of red rock pinnacles and hoodoos, Bryce Canyon geology is at its most spectacular at this point with wonderful contrasts of light and color changing throughout the day.

Location & Information

Open all year round weather permitting, Agua Canyon can be viewed from the 18 mile paved road (Hwy 63) to Rainbow Point. It is close to the end of the road, approximately 4 miles from Rainbow Point and has car parking and a magnificent viewpoint. More information on the National Park Service Website:  


To fully appreciate Bryce Canyon National Park geology, take a walk down the steep path on the south side of Agua Canyon starting near Ponderosa Canyon overlook. The trail runs for 1.5 miles each way and the elevation change is 900 feet.

Most visitors experience Bryce geology from the viewpoint overlooking Agua canyon. The magnificent vista of red rock hoodoo formations is quite spectacular. Look for the small trees on top of the hoodoo known as the Hunter. In the distance the rims of southern canyons and plateaus can be seen.

Dawn Watch
One of the best times to appreciate views of Agua Canyon Farview point is in the early morning. At dawn the magnificent colors light up the canyon with rich oranges in contrast to the long shadows. It can be a breathtaking and memorable experience seeing Bryce Canyon Utah geology at its best.

Nature Spotting
Looking across Agua Canyon you may see ospreys or one of the recently re-introduced California condors which have a 9-foot wingspan.

Fun Facts

The most prominent hoodoos in Agua Canyon are the two towering formations called the Hunter, and on its right, the Rabbit or Backpacker. As the geology of Bryce Canyon hoodoos continues to erode away, the shapes and names are constantly changing!