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Ponderosa Canyon

Ponderosa Canyon gets its name from the huge Ponderosa Pines on the canyon floor which can be 5 feet in diameter and more than 150 feet high. Read More

  • Ponderosa Canyon is a high-risk area for flooding after heavy rain
  • Ponderosa Pines flourish on the canyon floor, growing to a height of 150 feet
  • Take the challenging 1.5 hike each way along the Agua Canyon Connecting Trail


Ponderosa Canyon is at an elevation of 8,766 feet and at this altitude Bryce Canyon National Park is dominated by Ponderosa Pine forests. Visitors are sometimes confused as the viewpoint is covered in Blue Spruce and Douglas fir trees which thrive at these higher elevations.

Location and Information

Open all year round weather permitting, Ponderosa Canyon can be viewed from the 18 mile paved road (Hwy 63) near Rainbow Point. It is close to the end of the road, approximately 15 miles along, between Agua Canyon and Black Birch Canyon. The viewpoint has car parking and a magnificent viewpoint. Visit the national park website at


The Agua Canyon Connecting Trail leads off from Ponderosa Canyon. It runs each way for 1.5 miles and sees an elevation change of 900 feet with steep terrain. It is not recommended in winter when the switchbacks may be filled in.

Nature Spotting
This is an excellent place to see plants perched on every suitable ledge. The native forests are home to many birds such as peregrine falcons. Squirrels, deer, raccoons and bears also inhabit the forest.

Camping in the Ponderosa Canyon area is popular but campsites tend to be on high ground to avoid the dangerous flash flooding which rushes down the slot canyons after heavy rain.

Fun Facts

The Ponderosa Pines are on the canyon floor below while the viewpoint is surrounded by Blue Spruce and Douglas Fir trees.