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Rules & Regulations

Although Grand Staircase National Monument Utah is not a national park, various rules and regulations are enforced to ensure the protection, safety and recreational pleasure for all. Read More

  • Visitors should travel as a group or with a guide for safety
  • Camping is permitted with a free permit, available from the Visitor Center
  • Do not feed wildlife
  • Petroglyphs and rocks must not be defaced
  • Take only photographs, leave only footprints
  • Dogs are permitted in most areas except the narrow Dry Fork Canyons

It is the visitor’s responsibility to know and observe the rules of the Grand Staircase National Monument.

Visitors are advised not to travel alone in case of accidents, snake bites or other unforeseen problems. Travel as a group or with a guide.

Visitors must obtain a free backcountry permit from the Visitor Center if they intend to camp overnight.

Camping is permitted at campsites or in backcountry areas. A free permit is required.

Fires are prohibited but campers may use a camp stove.

Food leftovers and garbage must be wrapped in a plastic bag to be carried out and disposed of properly. Do not wash dishes in streams or pools, and do not use soap near any water source.

Do not feed the wildlife as they can become aggressive and have been known to bite.

Petroglyphs must not be touched and rocks must not be defaced. Do not enter or climb on any Indian ruins.

Please stick to designated routes and carry good maps.

Golden Rules
Enjoy but do not remove: rocks, plants, artifacts or fossils. Take only photographs, leave only footprints.

Dogs are permitted in most areas except the Dry Fork Canyons off Hole-in-the-Rock Road where they are not permitted due to the confined space. Dogs must be leashed on the Lower Calf Creek Falls Trail and within Glen Canyon National Recreation Area.