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Mammoth Springs

Mammoth Springs Utah are a unique sight in Iron County, famous for being the largest outflowing natural springs in Utah. Read More

  • Mammoth Springs discharge the largest amount of water from any natural spring in Utah
  • They produce 314 cubic feet per second at 40F
  • Mammoth Spring Trail is 2.9 miles long and is suitable for hiking and ATVs 
  • There is a primitive campground at Mammoth Springs 


Mammoth Springs are in the Dixie National Forest close to Panguitch Lake. They make a unique attraction as they have the largest discharge of spring water from any springs in Utah at 314 cubic feet per second. Above the natural springs the landscape is dry but just below the bubbling source is a full flowing stream. The crystal clear stream is lined with moss and streamside vegetation and a footbridge leads across the stream to the spring source.

Location and Information

Head south from Panguitch on SR143. Drive 3 miles past Panguitch Lake then turn left on Forest Road 067. The springs are 2 miles down the road on the right.

Hiking/ATV Trails - Mammoth Springs Trail

  • Starts from Forest Service Road 067
  • 2.9 miles each way
  • Trailhead elevation 7802 feet
  • Suitable for ATVs

Camping - Mammoth Springs Campground

  • Off Forest Service Road 067/Aspen Meadows Drive
  • Primitive campground with no amenities

Fishing - Mammoth Creek

  • From Mammoth Creek Road
  • Rainbow, brown, brook and cutthroat trout
  • Accessible by car summer/fall only

Fun Facts

The springs emerge at 40F.

The pH acidity of the water is 7.0 and the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) is 50.