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Natural Bridge

Natural Bridge in Bryce Canyon is not actually a bridge but a naturally formed arch; an amazing red rock geological formation which is well worth visiting.

  • Natural Bridge is actually a naturally formed arch, not a bridge
  • Look through the huge arch for some magnificent views 
  • The smooth, perfectly shaped arch was created solely by Mother Nature


This impressive Natural Bridge in Bryce Canyon is a huge smooth arch carved out of the limestone plateau by frost and rain. It is a natural monument which leaves visitors marveling at how it was formed so perfectly.

Location and Information

Natural Bridge can be seen from the main paved highway (Hwy 63), approximately 13 miles after entering the park. It lies between Farview Point and Agua Canyon and is accessible all year round, weather permitting. For more information, visiti the national park website at


There are no trails in this area

Natural Bridge Utah provides the opportunity to see the result of erosion creating a window or arch. Water gets into fissures in the rock and turns to ice, expanding and cracking the rock. Dissolution is the chemical dissolving of the rock by rainwater.

Natural Bridge is easily visible from the Natural Bridge turn-out and it makes a great photographic opportunity.

Nature Spotting
Note the small stand of quaking aspen in the parking lot, once much more common within Bryce National Park. The Markagunt Penstemon can be seen thriving near Bryce Canyon Natural Bridge.

Fun Facts

Visitors may see evidence of burned trees around Natural Bridge Utah. Through a controlled burning program the National Park Service hopes to restore a natural mix of forest and provide better habitat for a diversity of animals.