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Farview Point

Farview Point is an aptly named mountain cliff in Bryce Canyon National Park with far-reaching views across pine forests and magnificent hoodoos to the Black Mesas, 160 miles away. Read More

  • Breathtaking views from Farview Point are best enjoyed at dawn when the vivid orange rock contrasts with the long shadows
  • Walk out to Piracy Point to see the buttes which look like battling warships
  • Enjoy unrivalled views which stretch as far as the Black Mesas, 160 miles away in Arizona


Farview Point in Utah's Bryce Canyon is a high mountain escarpment 8,822 feet (2,689 meters) above sea level. With the exceptional air quality, extensive views in all directions can be enjoyed. Visitors can see the Grand Staircase, the pink cliffs of Aquarius Plateau, Kaiparowits Plateau, the white cliffs known as Molly's Nipple and Navajo Mountain.

Location and Information

Farview Point is a popular location along the 18 mile paved road (Hwy 63) to Rainbow Point. It is approximately 10 miles along the road from the fee station and Visitor Center. It offers car parking and a magnificent viewpoint.


Nature Spotting
In this area between the Ponderosa pine forests and the spruce fir forests there is a good range of flora and fauna. Look for goldeneye and shrubby cinquefoil and keep an eye open for osprey riding the currents. Utah Prairie Dogs, a threatened species, also inhabit Bryce National Park and may be seen around their burrows.

Dawn Watch
Farview point is a popular place where visitors gather daily to see the magnificent colors of dawn light up the canyon with rich oranges contrasting with the dark shadows. Seeing Farview Point at daybreak leaves visitors speechless.

Farview Point does not have any long hiking trails; it is solely a viewpoint along the main paved road through Bryce National Park. However there is a short level trail which runs from the parking lot out to Piracy Point to see the natural butte formation which looks like two sailing ships engaged in a sea battle.

  • Whiteman Connecting Trail (.9 miles long)
  • Sheep Creek trail (10 miles)
  • Swamp Canyon Trail (1 mile)

Fun Facts

Due to the elevation of Farview Point and the extremely high air quality at Bryce Canyon National Park, views as far as the Black Mesas in Arizona (160 miles away) can be enjoyed. Navajo Mountain on the border of Utah/Arizona can clearly be seen 90 miles away.