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Sunset Point

Sunset Point is where some of the brightest rock colors in Bryce Canyon can be seen, picked out at sunset to create a breathtaking display of magnificent beauty by Mother Nature.

  • Look for the towering hoodoo which stands alone, called Thor’s Hammer 
  • Be prepared for a memorable spectacle as the sun goes down at Sunset Point Bryce Canyon 
  • Look for the rainbow of color caused by the mineral deposits
  • The Douglas firs at Sunset Point are 500-700 years old


Sunset Point is at an elevation of 8,000 feet. It offers a dramatic sight of packed hoodoos at any time of day, with the isolated Thor’s Hammer towering above the rest. At sunset they come to life with even more brightness. As the shadows lengthen, swallows dart around the orange pinnacles, known as the Silent City.

Location and Information

Sunset Point is a mile beyond the Visitor Centre along the main Hwy 63. It is between Sunrise Point and Inspiration Point.

Restrooms and drinking water available. 




  • Navajo Loop Trail – the most popular trail in Bryce National Park descends 550 feet over 1.3 miles.
  • Combine with the Queen's Garden Trail to form a longer loop through the Queen's Garden and emerges at Sunrise Point. From there, stroll ½ mile back to Sunset Point or walk ¾ mile south to reach Inspiration Point.

Nature Spotting
Cliff swallows and white-throated swifts can be seen at Sunset Point in the twilight, snacking on the insects. Stellar Jays and Clark’s Nutcrackers devour fruit from the pine cones and hawks and ravens may be spotted.

Fun Facts

The rocks at Bryce Canyon Sunset Point are among the brightest in color as they were once deposits beneath the huge Lake Claron. The oxidized minerals, particularly at the base of the cliffs, are known by geologists as Pink Member with its rainbow of stripes.

Iron oxide caused the yellow, orange and red whilst manganese oxide caused the purple and pink colors.