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Inspiration Point

Bryce National Park's Inspiration Point (Utah) brings back thoughts of pioneering days, when Europeans first laid eyes on its amazing expanse. Since then, the point attracts millions each year, offering some of the best sunset and sunrise attractions, not to mention the occasional glimpse of some local and beautiful wildlife.

As the European pioneers did many hundreds of years ago, modern adventurers flock to Inspiration Point (Utah), located in Bryce National Park, hoping for a glimpse of scenery that stretches the imagination. They come to see sunsets, sunrises, geological wonders, wildlife and many other attractions.

Named after one of the early Utah settlers, whose inspiration must have thus given rise to the Point's new name, the point offers views of slowly eroding canyon walls and limestone formations, which include such an array of unusual shapes – slit like canyons, fins, spire, hoodoos and even windows to other parts of the canyon. In fact, what attracts visitors most to this spot is that almost every colour of the rainbow has been clearly represented in what appears to be a natural maze of stone, fir trees, towering cliffs, natural bridges and frothy rivers.

If that was not enough, animal lovers, scientific and otherwise, find bird and animal watching is good at the point. Mountain lions, elk, black bears, deer and gray foxes all call this home.

Nighttimes are especially rewarding as the Point's nearby campground is flooded with clean, crisp, unpolluted air and as the light dims, the sky comes to life, stars, falling stars and planets lighting up the heavens with a twinkling low light.