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Sunrise Point

Sunrise Point offers one of the first breathtaking vistas of Bryce Canyon from the main paved highway along the canyon rim and is particularly colorful at sunrise, hence its name.

  • Highlights include the Boat Mesa, Sinking Ship and Pink Cliffs 
  • Several trails lead off from Sunrise Point Bryce Canyon 
  • Best time to view is at sunrise when the rocks glow red and orange


Sunrise Point Bryce Canyon offers breathtaking views of the red rock hoodoos, mesas and cliffs. This popular viewpoint draws crowds of visitors to see the Boat Mesa, Sinking Ship, the Aquarius Plateau and the Pink Cliffs.

Location and Information

Sunrise Point is less than a mile beyond the Visitor Centre along the main Hwy 63. It is on a short turn-off loop before Sunset Point. The park shuttle stops at both these viewpoints.

Restrooms, general store, laundry and drinking water at the car park and viewpoint, open April to October.



Sunrise Point provides opportunities for beautiful photographs at dawn when the quality of light is exceptional.

Queen’s Garden Trail - The main trail from Bryce Canyon Sunrise Point which descends to the base of the hoodoos and the canyon below. 1.7 miles each way past rock formations known as Queens Castle and Queen Victoria descending for 320 feet. Allow 1-2 hours each way.

By connecting with the Navajo Loop Trail it makes a 2.9-mile loop to Sunset Point. Trail descends for 580 feet and takes 2-3 hours.

Other walks along the under-the-rim trail from Sunrise Point are:

  • 0.5 miles to Sunset Point
  • 0.7 miles to Inspiration Point
  • 2.8 miles to Fairyland
  • 3 mile loop around Tower Bridge

Nature Spotting
Sunrise Point has shallow soil but a few pines manage to survive including the Limber Pine with its exposed roots. Blue Elderberry and Rock Columbine in the Queens Garden along with reptiles, rodents and birds.