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Paria View

Paria View Utah provides a breathtaking view, particularly at sunset, of the hoodoos and amphitheater carved eons ago by Yellow Creek in Bryce Canyon.

  • Paria View offers superb views of the amphitheatre and hoodoos carved by the Yellow River
  • It is a superb spot for photographs at sunset


Paria View provides another opportunity to see the magnificent natural formations within Bryce Canyon National Park. As well as a huge amphitheater filled with countless hoodoos, Paria View gives views of the Aquarius Plateau and the Paria River Valley beyond.

Location and Information

Paria View Utah can be seen from the main paved highway (Hwy 63), along a short detour signposted for Bryce Point, approximately 6 miles after entering the park. It is at an elevation of 8,176 feet and is accessible all year round, weather permitting. Visit the National Park website at


Hiking/Winter Sports
Although there are no hiking trails from Paria View, it is the location of the Paria Loop, a popular trail for cross-country skiing. Snowshoeing is also challenging along this hilly section of the Bryce Canyon rim.

Sunset Views
Paria View is one of the few points in Bryce Canyon where the hoodoos are lit up by the evening sun. One giant hoodoo rises up from the canyon floor and is brilliantly lit at sunset – a favorite shot for photographers.

Nature Spotting
Paria View in Bryce Canyon is an excellent place to watch soaring peregrine falcons. In the meadows, mule deer, pronghorn and elk may be seen grazing, especially at dusk.

Fun Facts

Paria View looks down on a series of slot canyons created by runoff during the Ice Age. After thunderstorms the canyons may see 30 feet of water rushing through at 50mph.