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Fees & Permits

Cedar Breaks National Monument in Utah is a wonderful place to enjoy the perfect vacation. It has lots of things to do, and has attracted an increasing number of tourists and outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy its less commercialized wilderness. However, there are some rules/regulations that have to be adhered to. Read More

In order to maintain the balance between the sanctity of the wilderness and the fun and excitement enjoyed by those who enjoy wilderness activities, certain regulations/rules are in place at Cedar Breaks National Monument, Utah. Most people may not be aware that this monument needs protection as do the people who use it, and in order to keep it as uncommercialized as is possible.

Under the watchful eye of the National Parks Service, and in coordination with volunteers and forest rangers, certain rates and fees are applied to all those using the monument's facilities.


  • $6 Entrance Fee per person (valid for 7 days)
  • $20 Camping Fee at Point Supreme Campground (per night)

All of the monument's facilities are closed from the middle of October to the end of May. A visitor center is provided, opening from Memorial to Labor days, from 8am to 6pm daily. Other general rules include: picnics, camping and parking only in designated areas; no littering; pets must be leashed and kept off hiking trails; no feeding of the local wildlife; and no taking any souvenirs, historical or archaeological artifacts from the park, including animals or birds, or anything related to them.

For hours, fees, and details, visit the Cedar Breaks National Monument website.