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Cedar Breaks, or 'Breaks', is well-known in Utah as one of its number one national parks, and attained monument status early last century. The park has retained its uncultivated and unaffected environment, and still has to gain recognition on a large scale. However, as part of its plan to increase the numbers of visitors that grace its terrain each year, Cedar Breaks has a well-established visitor center which provides all the essential information for a truly outstanding vacation. Read More

Cedar Breaks National Monument is a large park area that is barely known to a lot of outsiders. It has so many activities and exciting travel opportunities to offer, as well as tours and information about it history and natural environment. Stopping in at its visitor center is the best way to get to know more about this well-protected park, as well as find recreational fun that is hard to beat.

It has been many years since the park attracted the attention of President Franklin Roosevelt, whose love of the park attained it federal protection. The visitor center, which sprung up some four years later, was to be the promotion point for many a happy and relaxing trip for both families and single sportsmen alike.

The visitors' center has a rugged appeal, built to blend in naturally into the surrounding landscape. It provides varied types of information about the park, including permits, fees, camping, hiking, winter sports/activities, weather conditions, safety, history, archaeological artifacts and geology. Varied films, brochures and books are available to give each visitor a better insight into what Cedar Breaks is all about. In fact, it has expanded this further to include tours and programs.

For hours, fees, and details, visit the Cedar Breaks National Monument website.