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Guided tours of Cedar Breaks offer the chance to do some exciting activities while learning about the history and geology of this unique national monument with experienced local guides. Read More

  • Take free guided walks with rangers on summer weekends 
  • Do a Video tour by renting a GPS Ranger from the Visitor Center 
  • Book a guided hike or cycling tour with a local Cedar Breaks tour guide 
  • Try more action-packed activities with one of the local outfitters


Make the most of your visit to Cedar Breaks by booking one of the tours available. Action-packed Cedar Breaks tours offer a host of opportunities to fly above the landscape, climb the sandstone cliffs, go skiing and snowmobiling, take guided day hikes, go backcountry camping or bike the trails. Tours usually include equipment and an experienced guide. Learn about the history and wildlife of the area from local rangers and guides and be sure to checkout tour details with suppliers below.

Park Programs

  • Guided Nature Walks
    On Saturdays and Sundays at 10am, meet the ranger at Spectra Point Trailhead in Visitor Center car park for a 2-mile moderate round-trip guided hike at elevations of 10,500 feet. Weatherproof clothing and suitable footwear required.
  • Video Tour
    Rent a GPS Ranger tour from the Visitor Center. The GPS Ranger will guide you on a walk or drive through Cedar Breaks Utah giving full information on the spectacular geology and wildlife.


Discover a number of different tour companies and outfitters in the listings on this page.