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Cedar Breaks National Monument ('Breaks') in Utah, once took its name from frustrated Mormon settlers, but since it was declared as a national monument, it has developed. However, the monument has not been grossly over-developed like other parks, and it is still not as well known, allowing its wildlife, animals and Mother Nature to maintain control. Read More

Breaks' as Cedar Breaks National Monument in Utah was once known as, has quite a well-preserved and natural environment, where nature has not yet been overly stressed by too many visitors. Local wildlife and varied animals still call it home, enjoying what may well be one of the last refuges from modern society left.

This harsh and changing wilderness is now managed by forest rangers from the US National Park Service. As there is no need to drive through it anymore to connect to the nearby main road, most people pass it by. However, some locals do take the time to visit and what a treat they get when witnessing nature in the raw.

Amidst the monuments' varied stone formations, trees and pleasant meadows, a whole world lives and dies in hidden crevices, behind hoodoos and in the narrow canyons that dot the area. It is not uncommon to see deer, tiny gophers, pika, chipmunks or little squirrels scurrying about their daily chores as if no else existed. In fact, this is a pleasant site because these animals are not yet accustomed to the trappings of human beings. Sadly their innocence may not last long though as human civilization gets ever closer.