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Rules & Regulations

Cedar Breaks National Monument is designed for the pleasure of all. To ensure continued sustainability and safety whilst preserving the natural geology and wildlife, the following rules and regulations are enforced. Read More

  • Camp only in designated campsites 
  • Do not feed local wildlife 
  • No pets on trails 
  • Do not take any plants or rocks

Camping: Camping is permitted in designated campsites.

Parking: Park only in designated parking areas.

Fires: Due to fire danger, fires are only allowed in fire grates at the Cedar Breaks Campground when there are no fire restrictions in force. Firewood collecting is not permitted.

Wildlife: Please do not feed any wildlife. If fed, animals like deer, bighorn sheep, coyotes and rock squirrels can become aggressive and have been known to bite. Dependency upon human feeding can lead to problems in winter.

Hiking: Please stick to designated trails.

Biking: Biking is permitted on the 5-mile paved scenic highway around the viewpoints of Cedar Breaks Monument rim.

Enjoy but do not take: Removal of any rocks or plants is strictly prohibited.

Pets: Pets are permitted on the campground on a max. 6 foot leash at all times. In order to protect park wildlife, dogs are not allowed on trails except the trail from the campground to the Cedar Breaks Visitor Center.

Firearms: Any type of firearms, including air pistols and rifles, bows and arrows, crossbows, slingshots and all fireworks are prohibited.