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Cedar Breaks National Monument (Utah) has a very interesting history. It begins millions of years ago, when this rugged landscape was first formed, and then progresses to its creation as a national monument in the 1930's. Though the monument is not as well known as other ones in the region, it has so much to offer the keen adventurer. Read More

Adventurers and sports enthusiasts are always looking for something new to challenge and invigorate them. There is no better place than Cedar Breaks National Monument in Utah. It is steeped in history that dates back over sixty million odd years, and has developed a peaceful place that is filled with all the fun and activities found in larger places.

Cedar Breaks' rugged and wooly environment began before human beings lived in North America. The area was completely under water, beneath a massive lake, but as the millenniums trickled by, deposits of sediment and other matter soon brought it to the surface. When it had hardened, the once tropical region had gone, replaced by much cooler and harsher temperatures. Gone were the wooly mammoth that drank from its waters.

Mormons arrive in the late 1800's and found it a very hard place to live. They called it 'Breaks' because its challenges no doubt almost broke their will to continue living there. However, with the coming of a new road in the 20th century, traveling through Cedar Breaks was no longer necessary.

In recent years, the National Park Service has put increased effort into maintaining and developing the monument for tourists. It has one campground, some worthwhile trails and interest in the area is beginning to grow.