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Grand Canyon NP

Everyone who vacations in Grand Canyon National Park has gone away with the amazement and awe that can only be inspired by such a place. Travel to Grand Canyon with the whole family to experience the best in the southwestern wonders of the US. And may you never be the same. Read More

It is a humbling experience, to stand before the mile-deep Grand Canyon in Grand Canyon National Park. The Colorado River cut this magnificent creation over eons, letting us behold the awesome size of it. Divided into the North Rim and the South Rim, it is like two totally different parks. The difference in elevation makes completely different vegetation and climate as well as scenery.

Besides overwhelming you with grandeur, the Grand Canyon National Park offers many activities for the traveler. There are free programs led by rangers all year long, with walks and talks. Take a mule trip but be sure to call ahead for reservations, as they are usually booked 23 months in advance.

With seven lodges in the park, one hotel and a guest ranch, you won't have a problem finding a place to stay – just choosing your favorite. Again, you must book in advance. Camping is plentiful with four campgrounds in the park. Overnight camping below the rim requires a permit.

To get to Grand Canyon from Bryce Canyon National Park, take UT-12 to US-89 south for 216 miles. Go right on AZ-64 and you will see signs. Follow them to Grand Canyon.