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Lake Powell

Lake Powell is the favorite vacation destination of many, with close to three million visitors every year, so you can't miss putting this on your personal list of travel goals. A gigantic lake surrounded with rock canyons and towering pinnacles, it fascinates and astounds with its beauty and uniqueness. Read More

With 2,000 miles of shore, and the rocks canyons all around, Lake Powell provides many hours of excitement and pleasure in exploring those canyons only accessible by boat. Travel the full 186 miles of its length and see the sandy beaches. At night you can see millions of stars shimmering above. Lake Powell is more than 400 feet deep and you can't help but wonder what lies below those waters.

You can discover what is below the surface lake by going scuba diving or snorkeling. There are many activities that will keep you busy. You can fish and go water skiing. You can even get in a helicopter and get an aerial tour. Go hiking, shoot some spectacular photos, or simply relax in the sun.

There are many Bed and Breakfasts and motels and hotels to accommodate you when you come. There are RV parks and campgrounds as well.

To get to Lake Powell from Bryce Canyon, it is about a four and a half hour drive, taking UT-12 to right on US-89. Then it's UT-24 for 84.6 miles to UT-95 for another 48 or so. Follow the signs from there right to Lake Powell.