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Lake Mead

All vacations, to be complete, should include travel to Lake Mead. It can easily be planned into your itinerary. This lake offers so much family fun, and there are so many things to explore and secrets held close to discover. Make Lake Mead one of the destinations on your vacation travels! Read More

The largest man-made lake in the US, Lake Mead is on the Colorado River in Arizona and Nevada. But it is very close to southern Utah vacation spots. Hoover Dam holds this reservoir captive, and is a must-see for all travelers. There are many interesting facts to draw your attention upon your visit, such as the sunken town from when Hoover Dam was built. There is also a B-29, which crashed into Lake Mead, and holds a classified instrument used to measure the atmosphere.

Besides exploring the many fascinating facts surrounding Lake Mead, there are lots of activities for the whole family to enjoy, everything from fishing and swimming to boating and water skiing. Of course, there are the coves and rocky cliffs to explore.

You can camp out all year at Lake Mead, from a quiet camp in the desert to an RV park. Of course, there are towns close to make your base having accommodations for the family.

It's just short of 5 hours from Bryce Canyon by taking UT-12, left on US-89, then right on UT-14 for 40.5 miles. When you get to I-15, go south for 168 miles and take exit 42. Follow the signs to Lake Mead.